Buses carrying Apple and Google employees attacked


Thousands of employees use the shuttle every day to get from their homes in San Francisco to the company's head quarters in Cupertino. The attacks took place on highway 280, so Apple (aapl) is diverting its buses from that road, even though doing so will add 30-45 minutes to the commute time in either direction.

Apple has rerouted some of its buses following the incidents.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday afternoon that at least five commuter buses have been targeted in the suspected pellet gun attacks.

There is also a general resentment in San Francisco towards tech companies for driving up rents regardless, and attacking the shuttles may be the outlet for this anger. The first attack took place Friday evening, with an additional three buses targeted during yesterday morning's commute and another one later that evening.

According to reports, the culprits behind the attack and the motive have not yet been found. Google and Apple have re-routed their coaches in wake of the attack. However, there was no confirmation as to what object was used in shattering the windows.

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Pressed on what was taking so long to charge the case, Freeman said BCA investigators "haven't done their job". We are getting more information and evidence and additional investigation must be completed.

No one was hurt in any of the incidents, but the CHP is taking this very seriously and are out patrolling for whoever is responsible because this is a very reckless thing to do. "If someone was targeting the buses I'm sure they are going to find them anywhere they go". No one was injured in the incidents.

California highway patrol public information officer Art Montiel confirmed the incidents. "It could be Google, Apple or any other company", he said. The buses are available to employees only, and they've always been a symbol of division between the tech world and everyone else.

The damage was caused on a stretch of Highway 280 between Highway 85 and Woodside Road, Montiel said.

Apple is rerouting some of its shuttles due to recent incidents that led to shattered windows.