Behind smart gadgets, Amazon and Google waging a big war


Google just recently blocked YouTube from the Amazon Alexa-powered Echo Show, meaning the YouTube feature is incredibly valuable to setting this product apart from other similar ones. Of course, audio was a big thing this year, but that should be nothing new as companies use CES to unveil new headphones and other types of audio all the time.

According to people with familiar with Google's plan, the company is concerned about losing market share to Amazon. LG is playing both sides, in fact.

Each of the devices will host a swath of apps that fall under the Google umbrella. It seems that in order to accept smart, voice-operated assistants, we prefer separate devices nestled in the corner (or on the boardroom table) than what's effectively the same tech on our phones. Amazon's Alexa has started its march into kitchens and living rooms around the world, ... and Google Assistant, which was released in 2016, is now used in many household appliances as well as Android smartphones. Intelligent speakers, like Amazon's Echo and Google's Home, are "quickly becoming the core foundation of smart homes", he said. The 8-inch model costs $199 and the 10-inch model will cost $249.

Apple and Google could also exploit their positions as integral parts of the general population's lives: we all walk into work with either Siri or Google Assistant in our pockets.

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The device is named by LG as WK9.

Google has spent the past year bringing Assistant to over 400 million devices as it aims to make its virtual assistant available pretty much everywhere.

Neither Apple Inc's assistant Siri nor Microsoft Corp's Cortana are now available on a speaker with a tablet-like display.

Google, Lenovo, JBL have come up with a new set of devices named as "smart displays". JBL tends to be a little more premium, so if I'd assume we'll end up in the $300 range, but we'll keep an ear out. He is confident Alexa will enable user to achieve more when handling a touch screen.