A 146-inch television will soon be available for purchase


Samsung revealed a television concept they're calling "The Wall". Another issue is that 8k content doesn't really exist yet, so Samsung is saying it's using proprietary AI technology to turn that 4k resolution content into 8k.

Nvidia is jumping into the TV game in its own way with its Big Format Gaming Display.

The very big displays from LG and Samsung seem like aspirational headline grabbers more than actual shipping products, but both were incredible to see in person.

LG Display - an affiliate of LG Electronics - unveiled a sleek prototype of its latest rolling screen technology. More importantly, there's no consumer content available in 8K yet, and major studios and publishers are still trying to get 4K into peoples' hands. The new chip provides seven times the colour reproduction over the 2017 model, and can now handle up to 120 frames per second, a significant improvement for gaming and sports viewing.

This year, LG put all three qualities in one television. At CES 2018, the South Korean tech giant showcased its revamped TVs that are protected by its new security solution.

Antonio Villas-Boas  Business Insider
Antonio Villas-Boas Business Insider

LG and Samsung both talked about the openness of their platforms, arguing the internet of things is far too complicated and diverse for any one company to control.

Samsung hasn't yet named an official price for The Wall or a firm launch date but there will be a press event in March with more information.

They're all part of LG's ThinQ concept, too - which at this stage means the ability to learn your watching habits and (for the United States and Korea to begin with) direct Google Assistant interactivity. Those who don't like the look of their TV when it's off will find value in LG's rollable TV that can roll itself into its rectangular home until it's needed again. And while LG mentioned support for Alexa just once throughout the presentation, all its examples came from Google's Assistant.

We covered this subject recently in a post on the future of QLED technology (essentially another name for the micro LED tech of "The Wall" TV) and discussed how it might advance enough to replace OLED or conventional LCD displays to become the dominant type of display for most near-future TVs.

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