512GB microSDXC card coming next month from UK's Integral Memory


A U.K based company called Integral Memory is coming up with the highest storage microSDXC card so far in the market.

The new Integral 512GB microSDXC card comes with speeds of up to 80 MB/s and it is created to work with all Android devices that support large storage options.

"Consumers have been clear in their call for increased storage, as mobile devices have become essential to many in everyday life", James Danton, marketing manager, Integral Memory, said in a statement (via Business Wire). The microSD card enables the user to create, store and share more photos, videos and to download music and other application.

Integral's 512GB microSD card meets Video Speed Class 10 (V10) and UHS-I U1 standards and offers transfer speeds up to 80MB/s. Also, the card could be useful to the people who store massive games (a couple of GBs in size) on their smartphones.

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At a transfer rate of 80 megabytes per second, you'd need more than an hour and a half to transfer a full card's worth of data; last year's 400 GB monster from SanDisk (no longer the world's biggest little memory card) still has the edge there, claiming a 100 MB/second transfer rate. Although, it's a good speed, not the fastest one when compared to Sandisk's 400GB microSD card which runs at 100MB/s. It'll launch in February 2018 for an undisclosed price.

Integral does not mention how much the 512GB microSD card will cost, but as Engadget notes, the company's 400GB card already commands a price of around $250, which means that the 512GB card will most likely come with an even more premium price tag.

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