17 dead and 300 homes damaged in California mudslides


The search for victims of the disaster has carried on in Montecito, where crews are labouring to fix power, water and gas lines as well as clean up massive debris.

Brewer said Gower lived passionately, whether she was interacting with children, grandchildren, friends - or strangers.

Authorities in California say a man they thought they had found after this week's mudslide is actually still missing.

Other victims include a 22-year-old woman who died in the arms of her brother as he frantically tried to save her, after their father was also swept to his death by the fast-moving river of mud.

This undated photo provided by Gina Conte, shows Rebecca Riskin.

The vicious mudflows that raced through the Southern California town of Montecito early Tuesday were swift and ruthless. "What a day!" so she captioned the post.

Hours after that posting, authorities confirmed Thursday that Lauren's 49-year-old father, David, was killed.

NeoTract, a maker of devices used in the medical field of urology, launched the page Wednesday, asking for financial support for the family of Cantin's mother, Kim, a marketing executive in the health-care field. That easily surpassed the goal of $20,000. Almost every home on their block was destroyed.

All of the dead are from Montecito.

She said the 61-year-old took joy in pairing the ideal home with the flawless family and, in her personal time, loved cooking, going for long walks and spending movie nights with family.

Riskin Partners spokeswoman Erin Lammers said Riskin was a member of the American Ballet Theater in NY before an injury cut short her dancing career. She returned to her hometown of Los Angeles in 1979, where she began selling high-end real estate on the city's west side. The founder of Riskin Partners, she moved to Montecito in 1990, according to a biography on her company's website. Survived by her husband, two grown children and a grandson.

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Montecito is home to many Hollywood stars, and they were feeling the pain.

"We've got a window that's closing, but we're still very optimistic".

Unfortunately, there was no place to go. His wife, Theresa, was injured in the mudslide that killed him.

"The winds were just insane".

On Thursday, Santa Barbara sheriff Bill Brown said of the missing, "We are certainly searching for a miracle right now". "You don't know the power of a mudslide", DeGeneres said. "The walls just burst open, the mud came in and just shot us both out of the house". "You can't even fathom what these poor patients went through to finally make their way to the emergency department". "It's nearly like being blind-folded and poking around in the dark".

Thanks to these efforts, over 300 people have been rescued from the mudslides by helicopters.

100 houses have been destroyed and another 300 damaged. The likelihood is increasing that we'll be finding bodies, not survivors.

Quirk, meanwhile, planned to keep working at the relief center.

"I should have evacuated", she said. She added the hashtag #mudslides.

First the worst fire in California history, then torrential rains, have brought down whole hillsides in Montecito, an upscale village in Santa Barbara County. The Associated Press described a "torrent of mud, trees and boulders that flowed down a fire-scarred mountain and slammed" into Montecito in Santa Barbara County Jan. 9.