Apple is now facing two lawsuits over slowing down iPhones intentionally


Apple says it slows down phones with older batteries so they don't spontaneously shut down. Shortly thereafter, Apple was hit was a class-action lawsuit.

The duo claimed that Apple never sought permission from them before slowing down their phones.

When contacted by The Verge for comment about the controversy, Apple pretty much owned up to it, though the company stated it enacted this measure in order to fix battery issues and hardware failure. Bogdanovich, like a lot of long-time iPhone owners believes this tactic is a ploy by Apple to convince people to buy new phones.

The admission played into concerns that Apple was stealthily nudging iPhone users to upgrade to newer models by letting them think it was the handsets that needed replacing and not just a matter of getting new batteries.

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Last year, Apple introduced a feature to "smooth out" spikes in demand for power to prevent iPhone 6 models from shutting down due to the cold or weak batteries, according to the California-based company. We've now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future.

Perhaps that's one of the reasons Apple iPhones do not allow replaceable batteries, unlike other Android phones at the initial stage. But then you got really furious when read that it was a deliberate act by Apple - lowering the clock speed of the iPhone - after a few years of use, with the evil intention of forcing you to upgrade.

The problem can be remedied by replacing the phone's battery. Because those older batteries are incapable of handling peak current draws with the same effectiveness of iPhones with newer batteries and more efficient processors, they run the risk of the device powering down to prevent damage to its internal components.

In the current situation, Apple said that its recent iOS updates have or will throttle the processing range of older iPhones - the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, each version's Plus model and the iPhone SE - to prolong the life of the devices, though it seems that more people found the slowness annoying than a favor. Slower the performance in the older phones will offer better battery life.