Who is Malia Obama's new boyfriend?


The former head boy for one of England's most prestigious schools is now in his sophomore year at the Ivy League university.

The 19-year-old former first daughter, who took a gap year before starting at Harvard this fall, was seen locking lips with a mystery man at the festivities outside of the Yale Bowl. The daughter of the former US President appeared in the yellow jacket on this occasion.

The girls all thought him "quite a catch".

The pupil elected to the role, usually by a head teacher, must act as a pillar of the school and a go-between for teachers and student peers.

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Farquharson is originally from the United Kingdom where he attended Rugby School. The popular student also participated in his school's Blue Bunsen Society, a chemistry club.

He even featured in a video that played during the opening of the 2015 Rugby World Cup - alongside Prince Harry. While the boy's face was not visible in the video, Daily Mail published a report sharing more information on the mystery man.

But teen Rory doesn't follow Barack Obama on Twitter - instead following President Trump. According to the Telegraph, Farquharson retweeted a post suggesting Trump's populism is unlikely to last more than a year. Another photo shows Malia smoking what appears to be a cigarette.