Thanksgiving meal to gobble up less money this year


It's usually taboo to talk politics at the dinner table, but the American Farm Bureau just released stats worth discussing.

But all costs aside, we want to know - what Thanksgiving food do you look forward to the most every year?

According to a survey the organization conducts annually, the cost of this year's Thanksgiving dinner is the lowest it's been in five years. According to the American Farm Bureau, the cost of a big, handsome 16-pound turkey is $22.38.

"It's a time to recognize and give thanks to family farmers and ranchers", said Rob Larew, NFU's senior vice president for public policy and communications.

But having the whole family together for a holiday dinner - priceless. "We're in the midst of the worst farm economic downturn in 30-40 years, and we're hopeful these numbers can help illustrate that fact to the general public". Eighty percent of food costs cover marketing, processing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing.

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Turkey growers receive just 5 cents per pound retailing at $1.69. Wheat farmers received an average of a meager 6 cents from 12 dinner rolls that retail for $3.49. Dairy producers receive $1.47 from a $4.49 gallon of fat-free milk.

The Director of Market Intelligence for the Farm Bureau, Dr. John Newton, says this is the second year in a row the price of the yearly feast has gone down. It's likely the total cost will be lower than what you paid in 2013.

The farm bureau's average dinner included all the traditional foods of Thanksgiving dinner with the biggest increases in price from whipped cream, bread stuffing, and fresh cranberries.

Consumers continue to see lower retail turkey prices due to continued large inventory in cold storage, which is up nearly double digits from past year, Newton explained.

Meanwhile, the largest decreases in price included milk, rolls, pie shells, and sweet potatoes in the 39-state study. Products like milk also saw a decrease in prices due to higher production, the Farm Bureau said.