Verizon creates new $10 monthly charge to remove video throttling ars_ab.settitle(1194211)


This is offered on both consumer tiers, Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited. The feature can be added to smartphones on any current Verizon plan, with the exception of Go Unlimited and prepaid. If your phone doesn't have a 4K resolution screen, you will have to decide whether it is worth it for you to spend the extra $10 a month.

Users who pay that added fee will be able to watch the maximum video playback quality their mobile phone or tablet supports, from 1080p to 1440p to 4K.

Seeing that Verizon had reintroduced full unlimited plans back in February where none of these restrictions existed, the higher cost is a bit of a slap in the face.

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Two months after Verizon introduced new Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited data plans that included all-day, all-the-time video throttling no matter your data connection or display resolution, the company has decided that you can now stream beyond just 720p. Tablet data service is priced as an add-on to smartphone plans and costs $20 a month. But now Verizon will give subscribers a way to completely remove the video quality handcuffs - for an extra $10 every month. For a single line, the new $10 charge for higher-resolution video would raise the Beyond Unlimited price to $95 a month before taxes and fees. Verizon is now rethinking its stance on video throttling, but it will naturally cost you more. Regardless, this option will be made available to all Verizon unlimited data plan customers starting on November 3rd.

Since then, smartphones on limited data plans have received video resolution of up to 720p. You might run into video restrictions or slower speeds in congested areas, but you can keep using data without paying any monthly overage fees. Hulu? What other handicaps is Verizon planning to implement down the road?

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