Supersonic Bloodhound Carries Out First Public Trials


In 1997 Mr Green was the driver for the Thrust SSC team as they set the current record of 763mph.

Project director Richard Noble, himself a former land speed record holder, called the Newquay runway trials "the biggest milestone in the history of the project so far", because they provide the team with its first opportunity to rehearse the procedures that will be used for Bloodhound's serious record runs.

The car's makers are hoping to break the world land speed record in Northern Cape, South Africa in 2019, the BBC News reported on Thursday. Over 20 years later, he will be making the first public tests of a vehicle created to go over 1000mph.

The test, which is scheduled to begin from 1pm and will be live streamed (below) on this page, will see the world's fastest man of the past 20 years, Wing Commander Andy Green, at the wheel for the first time.

The ultimate aim is not just to break the 20-year-old land speed record that RAF Wing Commander Andy Green set in Thrust SSC, but rather to smash it by surging past 1,000mph when the auto makes its official land speed record attempt in South Africa some time in 2018.

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It is heard that LED screens worth a whopping Rs. 2 Cr will be put up at shopping malls in Dubai for the live relay of the event. The audio launch in Dubai will be followed by a teaser in November and after that the makers will unveil the trailer in December.

The auto put in a series of "slow speed" runway tests Thursday which took the vehicle to a relatively sluggish 200 miles per hour.

Bloodhound uses a Typhoon fighter jet engine to get up to around 350mph before a Jaguar V8 muscle auto engine kicks in to supply fuel to a rocket which propels the vehicle to over 1000mph.

The two runway trials came after a series of tests to check the car's steering, brakes, suspension and data systems, as well as the efficiency of the intake feeding air to the EJ200 jet engine, sourced from a Eurofighter Typhoon.

In total, Bloodhound SSC has eight times the power of all the cars on an F1 grid.