Overwatch's Halloween Terror Returns


It was simple, but a fun exercise in how Overwatch can work quite well even when not a competitive player vs player shooter. New skins always attract a lot of attention, and that is a trend that will continue with this year's Halloween event. This means that players will have the opportunity to earn the Legendary Skins for Mercy, Reaper, Soldier: 76 and more, that originally appeared in the game right around a year ago.

The Cthulu Zenyatta, decked out in deep violet with green shades and tentacles, is arguably the most striking of the three due to the popularity of Lovecraftian horror, while Mei as a jumping vampire known as the Jiangshi again looks adorable. While it's not the most exciting of the new skins, I wouldn't be disappointed if it popped up in my free event look box on Wednesday. If you'd rather avoid spoilers then we guess you should avoid clicking on those links until the official announcement, which based on Blizzard's tweet is set for the 10th of October.

The Reaper skin for the Overwatch Halloween Terror event back in 2016.

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Called the 2017 Halloween Terror event, fans will get to dress up their favorite character in new themed character skins.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event will make a comeback in October 2017, as the event returns from when it first came to Overwatch back in October 2016.

Based on previous Overwatch events like the Summer Games, Halloween Terror is expected to have either a 6pm or 7pm United Kingdom start time. For any further need, you can take notes.