Vacuum maker Dyson is building an electric car


Dyson has already attracted talent from Aston Martin and Tesla to join his foray into the motor world.

We all know Dyson as the purveyor of super-expensive - but pretty awesome - vacuum cleaners and blow-the-skin-off-your-hands bathroom hand dryers.

James Dyson explained in a press announcement that contains too much fluff for our taste that the Dyson electric auto division is now at over 400 strong and it's recruiting aggressively.

Sir James Dyson, British inventor, industrial designer and founder of the Dyson company.

He's putting £2 billion (US$2.68 billion) and 400 workers into the project because the company now has the opportunity "to bring all our technologies together into a single product".

Yes, we're fully aware it's nearly 2018, but does Dyson know?

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As a result, Dyson plans to double the size of the development team at Malmesbury over the next two years, and also has a design team in Bristol working on technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). It will also need sophisticated electronic control and communications technologies. To our chagrin, nobody at the time was interested in employing our diesel exhaust capture system and we stopped the project. "Better to breathe it in?"

Some years ago, observing that automotive firms were not changing their spots, I committed the company to develop new battery technologies.

British billionaire Sir James Dyson has announced plans to build his own electric auto.

According to the memo from the company, Dyson plans to split the $2.7 billion and evenly distribute it between building the vehicle itself and developing solid-state battery technology. Sir James Dyson said that the startup had "developed a breakthrough in battery technology".

And like Tesla's CEO Elon Musk, Dyson likes to make big promises. And let's not forget Google's designs on the electric/self-driving market.

Dyson, vacuum cleaner and appliance maker, announced it is working on a battery electric vehicle expected to launch by 2020. So I wanted you to hear it directly from me: "Dyson has begun work on a battery electric vehicle, due to be launched by 2020".