The studio behind Journey is making an Apple TV game


Thatgamecompany is a studio best-known for poetic, emotional adventures like Flower and Journey - and now the team is bringing its next release to Apple TV.

The game was shown running on Apple's upcoming Apple TV 4K device. Sky's controls are minimized for casual play, with the game playable using only one finger on a remote or smartphone. Back then, we only knew of their in-progress project as something vague, mysterious, and blue.

Light and dark are an important theme in Sky. That said, the Apple-first launch news will certainly leave console fans salty.

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Journey, thatgamecompany's previous game that was a Playstation exclusive, was a critical darling that earned BAFTA awards for its score, art and audio design.

It's always kind of perplexing watching Apple's live events, as the company has notoriously had a tough time showing any real interest in video games but they always end up showcasing their new hardware with games. Don't get us wrong, thatgamecompany will always get our pulse racing, but seeing as this is a studio that went from flOw to flower to one of the greatest games of all time, it's a bit odd to see it spend five years settling on what (on the surface, at least) appears to be the same thing.