Someone Was Literally Flushing Heaps Of Money Down Swiss Toilets


GENEVA-If someone tells you they flushed more than a hundred grand down the toilet, chances are they're referring figuratively to a bad investment, or an outrageous extravagance.

Dirty money? Swiss investigators are perplexed about who flushed tens of thousands of euros down toilets in Geneva.

A report in Tribune de Geneve confirmed by the city prosecutor's office confirmed the details, which included notes turning up in three nearby restaurants.

Police were alerted to the case after the restaurants complained that their toilets had been clogged, the spokesman said.

Police have collected tens of thousands of euros - many apparently cut with scissors - from the pipes and are working to determine where the mystery bills came from.

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The UBS branch involved is in central Geneva and hosts a wealth management office of Switzerland's largest bank, Geneva prosecutors said.

A Spanish lawyer reportedly paid to fix the toilets where the money was found, though it's not clear why, according to a French news report in the Tribune de Geneve, translated by NPR.

UBS declined to comment on the story.

Swiss media said the first blockage occurred in the vault at UBS bank in Geneva's financial district. The authorities are now trying to verify the origin of the notes.

The high-value euro notes are due to be discontinued in 2018 over fears they are being used in illegal activities, including money laundering and sponsoring terrorism.