Rush Limbaugh thinks Irma warnings are exaggerated for 'climate change agenda'


Rush Limbaugh closed out his popular radio program on Thursday by announcing he would be off the air on Friday and broadcasting next week from "parts unknown" as he and other residents of Palm Beach were ordered to evacuate before Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida.

Despite his reservations, which were announced on his radio show, Mr Limbaugh confirmed he was leaving the area and could not host his show for a few days as it would be "legally impossible" to do so outside of South Florida.

Limbaugh's show is produced in Palm Beach County, where a mandatory evacuation is in place. The National Weather Service sends out an official warning before a hurricane is expected to hit.

"My point to you is, folks, that even though we are all here, we at the EIB Network are all in the crosshairs, we have that bull's-eye painted, we're going to be devoted the usual 125% of this program to you", he said near the segment's conclusion. "And then people end up going to various stores to stock up on water and whatever they might need for home repairs and batteries and all this that they're advised to get, and a vicious circle is created".

Limbaugh expanded on his conspiracy theory Tuesday, adding to his cast of villains local reporters, south Florida businesses and what he called "Big Water" - all of them manipulating the public into a panic to sell emergency supplies and TV ads.

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Rush Limbaugh spent show mocking fears raised by scientists @ #Irma. "He is putting people's lives at risk", he tweeted. "Climate change, radical environmentalism, and so the occasion of this hurricane is an exciting thing for them".

Which isn't to say that the decision to flee from the path of what is shaping up to be the most devastating natural disaster to hit Florida in a century has somehow softened Limbaugh's stance on climate change.

Like a lot of conservative media figures, Rush Limbaugh will find any reason he can to spread his anti-climate change ideology.

"All you need is to create the fear and panic accompanied by talk that climate change is causing hurricanes to become more frequent and bigger and more unsafe, and you create the panic, and it's mission accomplished, agenda advanced", Limbaugh added. Well, now, two of them are hitting and they can barely contain themselves.