Putin agrees to revise proposal for United Nations force in Ukraine


Russian Federation offered a plan to the United States for a full and immediate move toward normalization - or a restoration of diplomatic ties - in the opening weeks of President Donald Trump's administration, the Kremlin confirmed Wednesday. Although he was clearly eager to thaw U.S.

Peskov told Russian news agencies that Moscow indeed made such proposals through diplomatic channels.

The proposal surprised longtime Russia analysts in the United States, given its broad scope and accelerated completion date and the fact that anger was widespread in Washington over alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

"Yes, without question, such proposals were handed to the American side in various formats", he was quoted as saying by TASS and Interfax. "Moscow consistently came out for the resumption of dialogue, for the exchange of opinions, for trying to find joint resolutions, but, unfortunately, was not met here with reciprocity".

Last week, Putin said that Russian Federation meant to draft a U.N. Security Council resolution to this end, saying it would help resolve the problem in eastern Ukraine, though he also said preconditions would have to be met before any deployment.

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US officials have not commented on either the BuzzFeed report or the Kremlin comments.

We have discussed here in the past how Russian Federation is training North Korean students in transportation and logistics, providing fuel, and has opened a dedicated ferry line to move supplies, all starting earlier this year when Trump assumed the presidency and met with Chinese President Xi regarding the North Korean problem.

But the Trump administration has instead been hobbled by congressional and FBI investigations into suspicious interactions between Trump aides and Russian officials. Before Moscow's deadline for the U.S. to reduce its diplomatic staff in Russia, the USA ordered the closure of three Russian facilities in the US.

In recent days, Russia's Foreign Ministry has suggested there may be other retaliation against US diplomats, including travel restrictions and taking away some parking privileges at USA diplomatic posts.