Nigeria's Defence HQ Declares IPOB a Terrorist Organisation


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to dialogue with the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, to curb the secessionist agitations instead of the deployment of soldiers in the South-East. What the military has done is to catalogue all the activities of IPOB, which are not different from that of terrorists groups.

The Governors called on residents across the nineteen northern States to permanently sustain the peace saying no body law abiding Nigerian deserves to be punished for the mere fact that he or she happens to be living or doing law economic and social activities in any part of the country.

"You have to get it very clear".

He said rather, what the army did was to make a pronouncement on IPOB which, according to him, was not "a declaration per se".

"It is not that we are overstepping our bounds".

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"Exercise Egwu Eke II is not targeted at any particular person or group", Colonel Musa Sagir, the Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, 82 Division, Enugu, who also serves as Information Coordinator for the Exercise Python Dance II, told The Guardian. "The actions by the military and the governors should be seen from the perspective of ensuring internal security and averting chaos".

It cited sources as saying Buhari was keen on signing the proclamation before his departure for NY in order to have the right response in the event that the question over the declaration by the army was posed by other world leaders who have been watching events in Nigeria.

"We urge Nigerian government and its Army to wait till October 17 October 2017 when the case will come up, if they have a superior arguments to challenge our leader Mazi Kanu and IPOB members worldwide they should come to the competent court of jurisdiction to table their case not parading themselves, not us as a terrorist group".

He, therefore, appealed for understanding.

"The Nigerian military has, over many years, responded to claims of marginalisation and agitations for a Biafra State by IPOB with brutal and excessive force, killing hundreds of members of IPOB and committing war crimes and gross human rights atrocities in the course of this crackdown".