Militant captured near foreign forces' base in Afghan province


The Taliban has kept Pakistan's rival India at bay in Afghanistan.

The US has been at war in Afghanistan for nearly 16 years, and President Donald Trump recently announced he would be deploying more American forces - about 4,000 by most estimates - to the war-torn country. Critics say a broader strategy is needed. After 15 years of war and the deployment of hundreds of thousands of troops, a new president entered the Oval Office poised to fundamentally change that policy. If the USA continues to escalate wars in the middle east, it will be greeted with still greater opposition.

In response to a question, Asif said Pakistan wanted a lasting relationship with the USA but it will ensure its interests first. But the Taliban is an indigenous group, and during Barack Obama's presidency top generals and officials agreed that the Taliban could not be defeated militarily, and must be brought into a political reconciliation process.

Donald Trump's latest tirade against Pakistan, holding it exclusively responsible for the failure in Afghanistan, has rattled the country. There was, therefore, relief in the United States strategic community and in India that he has decided for now to support a "conditions based" engagement, seek to "achieve an honorable and enduring outcome", and was sharply critical of Pakistan's support to terrorist groups. However, Pakistan's calculations have gone awry.

USA forces airdropped the brochures in the Bagram district of Parwan province on Tuesday.

But all of this fundamentally misunderstands the nature of this type of overseas struggle. Since, terrorists would keep pouring in as a result of USA ill-conceived strategies (or else as a part of greater U.S. designs) and United States military will continue combating them through an indefinite presence there.

"We have all the time in the accomplish the mission the right way", said Staff Serg. The officer replied, "That may be so, but it is also irrelevant".

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Asem added that as yet there were no details on casualties among foreign forces. While it professes support for peace in Afghanistan, its visualisation of peace stems from the Taliban and the Haqqani network being a part of the government. I asked The New Yorker's Dexter Filkins, one of the keenest observers of that war.

The Parliament passed a unanimous resolution against Trump's complaints against Pakistan, and a subsequent statement by Gen Nicholson hinting at the presence of Afghan Taliban in Quetta and Peshawar. He declared America was developing its strategic partnership further with India and wants Delhi to be more forthcoming in Afghan affairs. Trump now said: "no partnership can survive a country's harboring of militants and terrorists". People don't die for an army; they die for a country.

"Through this practice, Americans drew a clear line and made it easier to understand why they invaded Afghanistan". "I admit that children are being sent for religious studies in Pakistani madrassas, but I don't think they are trained to become suicide bombers", Haji Mohammad Sharif, a tribal elder from Paktika province which borders Ghazni, told AFP.

Afghan children released from captivity are presented to the media at the police headquarters in Ghazni.

Trump must realise that naked threats to Pakistan would not help solve the decades-old issue. "It can not grow economically without trade and transit with Iran". But Afghan authorities routinely report intercepting child soldiers, and Human Rights Watch issued an extensive report on the issue a year ago, stating that indoctrination begins as young as six. "And for that you need friendly neighbors".

Hence, by not announcing any timeline or specific number of troops and giving the operational power back to the commanders on ground, President Trump has taken a step in the right direction. The general expectation in Pakistan for all their sacrifices is - that the Afghans would be grateful and friendly to them. But it does not even pretend to contain a strategy to win. Call it quagmire-lite.