Manchester City to offer Kevin De Bruyne new contract


Seven United players have previously won a Premier League title compared to five at City but there is no shortage of domestic title winners overseas in either squad. A collective pledge was made in 2015 to reach that standard by August 2017, with the league subsequently giving all promoted clubs an extra two years from when they came up.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

That tells me that against better teams with a decent range of attacking options, City could well struggle so I think we should all reserve judgement until we see Guardiola's team develop in the coming months.

Clubs promoted to the Premier League are given two years to make the improvements, so although Newcastle United, Huddersfield Town and Burnley are implicated in the report, they still have time to make the necessary amendments. Both Manchester United and Manchester City have won 13 points and have a goal difference of 16-2. A continuation of this will really benefit the Old Trafford outfit.

"You can't afford to let City ease away and that's why Mourinho is anxious about them, he knows his side have to stay with City".

Trump criticises Iran over its recent ballistic missile test
They are also working with North Korea. "Not much of an agreement we have", Trump wrote in the Twitter message. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Arsenal may have won convincingly in the end against Cologne, with Wenger making wholesale changes to his team in order to rest players for the weekend, but preparation for the game against Chelsea could only start in earnest on Friday morning.

Sunday is when we will discover whether Arsenal will be able to cope with the demands caused by the Europa League. There could be a case made they are weaker than last season in some important positions. They have more obligation than us. I say "only" because with the current transfer fees this season, it doesn't buy you too much. recouping 213 million in the same time and our net spend is only a Raheem Sterling more than United.

Five Premier League rounds have passed and he have a first glimpse of what the season could look like. They have not yet reached the heights that City have, but it's a fine line, and neither team has had a real test yet.

Arsenal and Liverpool look like having many defensive troubles. Yet once clubs are there, especially when they play on Thursday nights, it is hard to find the positives when it comes to juggling European and domestic priorities.