Levi's $350 smart denim jacket is finally going on sale for $350


Named after a Frenchman who invented a type of loom, Project Jacquard is in the hands of a small Google team called Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP). However, the left sleeve of the smart jacket contains embedded "Jacquard Threads". Based on Google's Jacquard technology, which allows designers and apparel manufacturers to integrate connectivity and interactivity into clothes, the new Levi's Commuter Trucker jacket carries a price tag of $350. And the first product that incorporates Jacquard-the Levi's® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket-will go on sale Wednesday. The Project Jacquard jacket is now finally available for purchase. Like any regular denim jacket, you can wash it (just remove the snap tag), it's durable, created to be comfortable for cycling and it'll keep you warm on and off the bike.

Play or pause your music, skip to the next track, or ask what song is playing².

But in case you feel like your commute will be drastically improved by an internet-of-things jean jacket-even though this concept has effectively been around for over a decade now-beware: the technology that allows the jacket to communicate wirelessly with your smartphone is contained in a Bluetooth dongle that snaps onto a button on the jacket.

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Poupyrev said the garment enables users to "perform common digital tasks - like starting or stopping music, getting directions or reading incoming text messages - by simply swiping or tapping the jacket sleeve". The snap tag also notifies you about incoming phone calls or text messages¹ with light and haptic feedback. The gestures on the sleeve are fully re-configurable using the Jacquard app.

The company says it'll be available to purchase online from Wednesday in the United States and will be available in some Levi's retail stores next week.

It is unclear right now if the jacket will find many takers as the feature-set is limited and you can accomplish same tasks with other wearable devices.