Children Wounded In Accidental Shooting By Toddler In Michigan


The toddler fired either one or two shots that struck two children - both three years old, according to United States media which also reported that there were multiple guns inside the home. They have been hospitalised in critical, but stable condition. Several other children were at the home at the time of the shooting and were taken to the police station so they could be reunited with their parents.

A toddler is accused of pulling the trigger, wounding two children at a home daycare center in Dearborn, Michigan on Wednesday.

One of the victims was transported to Children's Hospital of MI in Detroit and another was taken to Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn before being airlifted to Children's.

'It's totally tragic, its irresponsible'.

Almost 1,300 children die and 5,790 are treated for gunshot wounds each year in the United States, according to a recent study published in the medical journal Pediatrics. State regulators told the paper they didn't have a record of any complaints associated with the address.

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"She would always say don't you ever think about bringing a gun in this house", says her sister, Ashley Escobedo. She said she charged low rates and offered the services mainly to friends and family. Her husband, Tim, reportedly is a hunter, and police were seen taking gun cases out of the house.

"My sister totally hates guns", Escobedo said, according to the paper.

Escobedo said she was shocked to hear what happened, according to the News. "This would be her worst nightmare". Investigators are calling the shooting "accidental", saying the shooter was a toddler who found handgun in a bedroom.

They are expected to meet with the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office to determine whether any charges will be filed in the incident.