Apple working on fix for iPhone 8 'crackling' sound issue


However, for some users who already purchased the iPhone 8, the experience has not been very satisfactory due to an issue with the smartphone's earpiece. Specifically, the static sound happens when answering the phone or making a call through Facetime.

Apple has acknowledged the presence of the problem, but said that there are only a "small number" of iPhone 8 units that are affected by it. There are times when a usual phone call does not have the disruptive sound, and the crackling is not heard when the loudspeaker is used instead of the earpiece.

Crackling Noise Caused By Hardware Defect, Or Software Problem?

The issues appear to impact some users across wireless carriers.

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Apple didn't offer a changelog for the updates, but it's fair to assume that they include the Messages on iCloud feature, which was removed in the earlier iOS 11 betas with a promise to come back later.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 aren't the only new devices with complaints. This is the first new beta since Apple released their iOS 11 software update last week. However, a software problem has made the smartwatch's LTE connectivity unreliable, with Apple claiming that it will soon be releasing a fix for the issue in an upcoming watchOS update. Apple said it would investigate a fix for a future software release.