Amazon Echo vs Apple HomePod vs Google Home


It may also include Netflix, the report said.

With Amazon's recent announcement of all their new Echo products, there is much pressure on Google to come up with devices that can directly compete with the retail giant's vast array of smart speakers and connected accessories.

TechCrunch's sources claim that Google was previously working on new devices with larger screens that could compete with televisions. Reportedly, user can access YouTube, video calling, Google Assistant, and Google Photos on the device. The same facility is not included in Amazon Echo. While nothing has been confirmed yet, using Android could be an important factor in differentiating the device from competitors, as well as forming an attractive selling point to consumers looking for a smooth connection between their smartphone and home hub. The company discussed the smaller Echo, the Echo Plus with a smart hub, the Echo Spot alarm clock, the Fire TV with 4K and HDR support, the Echo Buttons for the casual gamer, and another gadget that can allow the Echo to make calls. It acts like a miniature version of the Echo Show from earlier this year, and it can show information like the time, weather, news, web videos and has a built-in video camera for video calling over Alexa.

Google's Home speaker now sells for $130, but that price could be lowered next week when the company is expected to unveil its own holiday line-up in San Francisco.

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In addition, Amazon introduced the Echo Connect, the device, which is connected to a fixed telephone line and converts the speaker to the microphone.

Recently, Google chose to remove YouTube from Amazon's "Echo Show" citing violation of its terms of service. The good thing about Google Home is that it supports third-party services like Spotify too.

"But to make this update was very important for the company, because the first Echo appeared in 2014 and since that time the hardware has not been updated, although the software was updated constantly". If you are eager to know what's new on the second generation of Amazon Echo smart speaker, then here's the details.

Amazon has also announced a new Amazon Echo Spot which is a round version of Echo Show.