6 hurt when SUV smashes into NY laundromat


Surveillance video from a Staten Island laundromat shows the shocking moment when an SUV plowed through the front of the building, injuring six.

According to reports, he accidentally slammed his SUV into the Coin Laundry on Page Avenue Road while he was reversing to park at about 8 a.m. "When I attempted to move it, I just put it into drive and it just didn't...it moved and they were like no, no, never mind, never mind", said Grantham.

"We had this explosion and we see the auto coming, but he was coming so fast, there was no time", said Zoraida Michelle of Tottenville.

She said it was a miracle that all of them came out alive.

Firefighters say a total of three people suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries, and three others suffered minor injuries.

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A young woman who is just out of the vehicle's path of destruction wastes no time running toward the SUV to help when it comes to a rest.

Police have not charged anyone in the incident, which appears to have been an accident. She's like, "I can't feel my legs!"

The store owner said he suffered damages that will cost him more than $20,000.

Six people were injured in the crash, three of those considered seriously. "Closed due to a vehicle accident!"