Winter is here: Final 'Game of Thrones' season could air when?


But, fans of the show are always looking to find out what happens next in the story especially after such a dramatic ending.

Season seven of Game Of Thrones has barely even bowed out yet and fans are already counting down the days until it's back on television with the eighth and final series. While attempting to evacuate as many men off of the Wall as possible, Beric Dondarrion and Tormund watched helplessly as the undead dragon, now under the control of the Night King, unleashed ice breath across Westeros' last line of defense. He thought Jon was Rhaegar's bastard son, born in Dorne, and hence should have been named Jon Sand. That's why as recently as June, he was cautiously telling reporters that Season 8 might not come out until 2019.

When does the next season star?

HBO is yet to declare the premiere date of the final season of the fantasy blockbuster. Locations are being scouted and secured in Northern Ireland (where they shoot most of the wintery scenes in the show) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has spilled that he's heard shooting starts in October.

Few people on Game of Thrones have had quite the run as Aidan Gillen.

Facebook/GameOfThronesThe cast of "Game of Thrones" will be back in Ireland to film season 8.

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The first of those murders happened (off-screen) in the first episode of the first season - setting in motion nearly all of the war and tragedy which has come after it.

Since HBO chose to split the final 13 episodes into two seasons, Season 8 will consist of six episodes.

And those who haven't, there is still some hope for you but not for long. But it is what it is, and on TV - until he's resurrected as a white walker, of course - we said goodbye to Littlefinger, something that so far doesn't seem to be in the cards, on the page.

Even though the resolution to that particular storyline was the biggest highlight of the episode for me, the rest of the show was great as well.

Follow all season long for news, interviews, theories and more. After a heated argument that ranged from accusing Jaime of secretly meeting Tyrion to nearly killing him off and Jaime Lannister finally leaves his sister and ends their rather odd and intimate relationship, much to the fans delight! While Theon was being beaten violently by one of them (it was believed he was going to pass by), he got up and finished his opponent. After all, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talk about this plot point as if they came up with it, never once mentioning George R.R. Martin.