Trudeau warns 'no short-cutting' in Canada's asylum process


Though the number of such claimants rose during former US president Barack Obama's increased deportations, they've skyrocketed under current President Donald Trump, with the army now setting up tents for thousands in Quebec. During Fiscal Year 2017, the USCIS L.A. District welcomed 85,640 new citizens, while USCIS welcomed 752,800 people nationwide.

"The government is in a real quandary over this", said a third source familiar with official thinking. Many of those crossing into Canada in recent weeks have been in the United States for years. She packed up her four children, flew 1,200 miles to New York City, took a bus for seven hours and then a taxi before finally reaching the heavily forested spot on the U.S.

Thousands of newly arrived migrants have therefore been lining the streets in Montreal, queuing up outside an Immigration Canada office. "We welcome and encourage newcomers, but we are also a country of law", said from the outset the prime minister.

She was repeating the widely held belief among some immigrant groups that President Donald Trump is closing the door to immigrants. A high percentage of the asylum seekers crossing into Canada are Haitians, who have made a decision to leave the country after the end of a policy that gave them protection after the 2010 quake in Haiti. Their numbers were in excess of 55,000 and they enjoyed Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Between the border crossing points the Canadian federal police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), have jurisdiction.

But Dallaire predicted the issue will resurface again in earnest when the US and Canada begin discussions around upgrading Norad in the coming months and years to better defend North America.

The refugees have decided that getting arrested with an uncertain future in Canada is better than risking deportation under Trump, the Herald said.

"It's in that sort of exercise that I believe ballistic missile will come back", he said.

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"They knew it was going to be a problem this summer".

Trudeau has been very vocal in his criticisms of Trump's border policies in the past for cracking down on refugees, while touting his own open-door policies and acceptance of 40,000 Syrian refugees into Canada.

More than 6,000 people have skirted border checkpoints to enter Canada since the start of July.

"The relocation is attributed in part to misleading social media posts that claim the Canadian government had invited all Haitians, with or without TPS, to apply for residency in Canada", he said.

"It's not an easy case to make especially if you've been living in the States for many years". Beginning last week, Canadian consulates in the US tried to clear up that misinformation, while at the same time the government is sending a Creole-speaking Liberal MP to Miami to speak to the Haitian diaspora there as many of those coming to Canada are Haitian.

The top five countries of origin among people who are fleeing the United States are Haiti, Sudan, Turkey, Eritrea, and the United States.

The young man told them, "I have no choice", and continued to walk forward. They want to lead normal lives and hundreds of them arrive regularly at the US-Canada border. But a 1951 United Nations agreement prohibits countries, including Canada, from prosecuting or deporting people who make an asylum claim after illegally crossing outside of border posts.

Jacqueline Charles is a reporter for the Miami Herald, where this story first was published.