Runoff in Alabama GOP Primary Special Election


On the Democratic side, Jones cruised to victory, winning easily over the remaining candidates with well over 60 percent of the vote.

Moore forced unusual into a runoff in yesterday's primary election, even though the former Alabama Attorney General was backed by an endorsement from President Donald Trump and millions of campaign dollars from establishment Republicans. Time for Conservatives across Alabama to unite and deliver a knockout punch to the establishment! Eastern time. Representative Mo Brooks, a hard-line conservative, finished third with 19.8 percent of the vote. Moore tells his supporters they have sent a message to so-called Washington "elitists" that they were unable to control the race. Brooks chided odd for having millions of dollars pumped into his campaign by powerful lobbying firms in Washington and the Senate Leadership Fund, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's super PAC.

Last month, Rep. Brooks called for McConnell's ouster as the GOP's Senate leader as "head of the swamp". Trump's support for unusual didn't matter to him, he said.

But while odd enjoyed high-level backing, Moore won 39 percent of the vote Tuesday to the incumbent's 33 percent. Indeed, when the dust settled in the three-way race, the two men who advanced on to a head-to-head matchup in September are Roy Moore, the rebellious judge twice removed from the bench, and Senator Luther Strange (R-AL), who was appointed to replace Sessions in February.

Jones, the Democratic nominee, served as a US attorney during the Clinton administration and is backed by former Vice President Joe Biden.

Moore first came to prominence for refusing to take down a monument of the Ten Commandments and was stripped of his Alabama Supreme Court seat in 2003. "Accolades must go to those who fight as hard as they fought". "We can send a message that we are exhausted of this do-nothing Senate", Brooks said. In Tuesday night's primary neither Roy Moore nor the Trump-endorsed Luther Strange achieved a 50% majority.

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"We've got to stop allowing our country to be ruled by justices on the Supreme Court who have put themselves above the law".

But it is the third-place candidate who is worthy of note, for what he said about the President and how voters in Alabama reacted.

"A massive mushroom cloud sighted moments ago above Mitch McConnell's turtle shell". When Mr. McConnell's PAC began running misleading ads against Mr. Moore's personal finances, it only enhanced the judge's reputation as anti-establishment hero.

While Moore, a candidate Trump is not supporting, is leading the race, that doesn't mean Moore is an anti-Trump candidate.

Days earlier he announced he "would not be bound" by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling if it found same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage.