Police can ask to unlock your phone - this feature could stop them


In these cases, iPhone users will be able to tap the on the sleep/wake button of their handsets five times and then choose from three possibilities: power off their phone, bring up their medical ID or call 911. However, pressing the power button alone won't call up the emergency services but it gives an option to do so in the next menu. There's a new multitasking feature, drag-and-drop functionality, and a dedicated Files app, to name some of the iPad-centric iOS 11 highlights.

After this SOS feature has been used, users will need to enter the passcode of the device in order to enable touch ID again and get the device working.

By default, the iOS 11 feature will also bring up a new window alerting users that the Touch ID sensor has been disabled.

Legally speaking, police in the U.S. can make individuals unlock their iPhone via Touch ID, but can't compel them to use their password. But with iOS 11, it will be a thing of past.

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To recall, Apple had introduced an Emergency SOS feature in iOS 10.2 for certain regions like India. This new feature is a recipe susceptible to controversies. Beta versions of the software have already been tested by some, and the new version of the operating system will arrive in September.

The legal precedent was set by Virginia Beach Circuit Court Judge Steven Frucci who ruled that biometric data was akin to being compelled to provide a physical key and therefore it was acceptable for police to force smartphone access by fingerprint unlock.

Over the past year, law enforcement has forced detainees to unlock devices on many occasions.

With iOS 11 coming sometime this September, it'll nearly be like Apple is launching the iPad Pro all over again. If the device owner is having a seizure, they can activate the SOS screen themselves to call their emergency contact with the knowledge that their device will be secure if they do lose consciousness or control of their body. There's also a beta version of the iOS 11 that's available to the public, but users are warned that it may still be full of bugs and glitches.