Anthony Scaramucci Says He Would Fire Steve Bannon


He did admit there "there was no love lost" between himself and the now-ousted Reince Priebus while also saying that if he had his way, Steve Bannon would be fired. "The media expects him to do something, he sometimes does the exact opposite". Colbert helped him with his branding exercise by requesting at one point in the interview that he "say it like The Mooch!". Colbert quickly retorted: "Two days later. Why did it take so long?" McMaster dodged the question each time and eventually left it an open question as to whether Bannon is motived by advancing the President's agenda.

"But that's up to the president, that's not up to me", he said.

Several high-placed sources inside and outside the White House told CBS News that Bannon has never been in more jeopardy, and one well-placed source said he could be gone by the end of this week, CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett reports. But he's a super compassionate person. When he first sat down, Scaramucci awkwardly tried to make a "Game of Thrones" reference, but he bungled the line.

And amid the violent protests erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia, the late-night host seemed to disagree on Trump's compassion.

"But we'll see what happens with Mr. Bannon", Trump added. After the 2016 election, we committed to not only honoring its results but also stepping up to help the new administration grow our economy for the good of the American people, but the administration's behavior makes continuing that role exceedingly hard.

Of Trump's frequent off-the-cuff remarks, Scaramucci said, "That's him wearing his heart on his sleeve".

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"It's a tough place", Scaramucci said.

Speaking to TMZ, he said: "I have, for the last decade, been an active gay rights and marriage equality supporter, particularly here in New York City but [also] around the world. I didn't think I'd last too long, but I thought I'd last longer than a carton of milk".

Late-night comedians, including Colbert, had a field day with Scaramucci's exit. Colbert's band, led by Jon Batiste, cleverly played the O'Jays' 1970s hit "Back Stabbers". "I've learned that" The Mooch interjected.

"You know this, ok?"

He also said Bannon was "not a racist", even though the question asked was: "Can you tell us what you're feeling about your chief strategist?" Don't use me as a character witness for you.